May 7, 2020

A hydrologist's opinion

You know it's dry when ...

You can cross a canal without getting wet.

As seen along Upper Wagon
Wheel Road, looking northeast

Well, maybe not all canals.

The L-28 Interceptor is a good ten feet deep.

As seen looking upstream
at the S-190. The structure
pools water 6 feet higher
on its upstream side.  

But as wet as that looks,

Canal stage is 3 feet below the ground surface the swamp ecosystem it bisects.

Not all gators can make it to the above canal.

Even the borrow ponds they depend on in deep drought are drying up.

As seen along Bear Island Grade

I know that gators aren't the most cuddly of creatures,

But they deserve water in the ecosystem which is their home.

Verdict: canals and levees conspire to amplify the severity of seasonal drought.

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