Apr 30, 2020

Pleasant (or scary) surprise?

It's not often that something so ominous ...

Can be such a welcome relief.

Views of the cold front moving across Alligator Alley (top), L-28 Interceptor (second), Upper Wagon Wheel Road (third) and Upper Wagon Wheel Road again, a wider angle view.

But when it comes to late April cold fronts ...

That's exactly the case.

And not just because it brought much needed rain.

It also ushered in a weekend's worth of dry air.


tbill said...

Hey Bob. The last two pano pictures showing the upper wagon wheel canal are striking because I don't remember ever seeing that canal go dry in my limited years there. Some commentary on that would be cool.
That upper wagon wheel canal connects to turner river road canal and birdon road canals (understanding both of which have become plugged and culterted in places). So I'm curious if that canal restoration project is partly the reason to upper wagon wheel canal going dry currently or is the swamp just that dry or maybe the upper wagon wheel canal is not as deep as others? Thanks ~Trevor

Gohydrology said...

Good question Trevor. It definitely has more to do with the meteorologic drought, not new culvert/plug pairs on the Turner River. If anything the new treatment of plugs would help water stay in the watershed longer.