Feb 19, 2020

The tree that made history

If it weren't for the sign,

I'd probably walk by the tree and not think twice.

This tree originally grew
in knee-deep water along the banks
of an undiked Lake Okeechobee

Or maybe I'd sit on the bench ...

And luxuriate in its shade.

And even possibly take note of the old concrete wall.

Today, it is perched over ten feet above
the water line of the Caloosahatchee River
on the outside of the Lake's perimeter levee

Still, I doubt it would naturally occur to me ...

That the concrete wall was the old lock to the Lake Okeechobee before they built the modern one a mile or three upstream.  Or that the tree once served as the sole navigational marker on the Lake.

And the stories this tree could tell if it could speak.

The title on the sign says it all

Fortunately there's a sign.


bobook said...

have, for years, appreciated your insights to our natural Florida. pass by this when I travel to the west coast. being a tree worshipper, now I know I must stop to honor our long-standing friend and tell her how much I appreciate her. thanks for your continuing contribution to our natural Florida.

Robert Book

Gohydrology said...

Thank you Robert!
I have to always remind myself to stop too.
Always glad I did afterwards.