Feb 13, 2020

"Turnaround" river

Just a few years back,

Turner River's headwater pools were all but clogged.

Let's just say paddling
was a chore

The cause?

Submerged aquatic vegetation had grown too thick.

The good news, and take heart:

Today the channel is clear and paddle friendly again.

The Turner River
is a hydrologic restoration
success story

What was the magic wand?

My current line of thinking is that we got the water right.

Just upstream we added a new series of culverts.

That helped to spread the water out in the form of sheet flow, just like the river likes.

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Gohydrology said...

By the way, special thanks to the Collier County, Florida's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's (FWC) Aquatic Habitat Restoration and Enhancement (AHREs, pronounced "Aries" program) and South Florida National Parks Trust for teaming up with the Preserve to put the new culverts in.