Oct 11, 2019

Most dangerous swamp

Of the many things people fear

In the swamp ...

Is there any more peaceful
a spot than a visitor center
of a national swamp?
And we can run down the list:

Alligators, pythons, panthers, dehydration, getting stranded, mosquitoes, hurricanes and extreme heat (and I could keep going).

Just be careful (and slow down)
when turning in!
Driving (fast) is the most treacherous by far.

Just ask any number of gators or wading birds who have been struck

Or this guard rail (above) if it could talk.

Moral of the story: Please slow down!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

My first thought was people, between reckless driving, littering, and encroachment on wildlife habitat, we are destroying everything that makes Florida unique and beautiful.