May 24, 2019

Slow start (out of the gate?)

The last two years ...

The water table rose fast out of the "wet season" gate.

Historical calendar of daily rainfall, from 1992 to present.  BRDs are shown as big rain drops and scaled according to the size of the event. Also shown are Intermediate Rain Days (IRDs), i.e. the smaller blue circles, and No Rain Days (NRDs). NRDs are any day in which an average of under 0.05 inches of rain fell across all of south Florida.  Not surprisingly, NRDs are the norm during the winter and spring dry season and IRDs are the norm during the summer.  BRDs are rare in comparison (but are game changers when they strike). Can you see the BRDs in June 2017 and May 2018 that got those years off to a fast start?  

This year it's taking its time.

The reason?

Blame it on the lack of an "official" Big Rain Day.

Okay, I'll admit: They are not official.

But they do fill up the swamp fast!


Michael Spagnolo said...

I was played! The start to the rainy season has been put on pause. Sweltering here in North Florida...

Gohydrology said...

Yes, eight days of no rain. Not even any cloud build up today. Could change (a little) by Thursday is what I'm hearing.