May 1, 2019

Rains you can "count on"

Typically it isn't until Memorial Day ...

That the summer wet season rains reliably start.

The chart above shows the long-term
 of when the swamp's rainy
season begins

That doesn't mean we may not get some rains here and there,

And who knows, maybe even a good few consecutive days.

But more than likely we have another 3 weeks until the rainy season starts.


Gohydrology said...

Usually we get a rainy period or two before the rainy season really kicks in later in May

Michael Spagnolo said...

Certainly looks like this is out rainy period before the season kicks off...we'll see if we get a dry week or two mid-month or not before it locks in for the summer.

Gohydrology said...

Just saw a major lighting strike. Starting to look (and sound) like the rainy season.