Jul 16, 2018

Window into a restoration

Every time I drive by Faka Union Canal ...

I glance over to see how much water is spilling over the weir.

Hydrograph of discharge across Faka Union
Weir No. 1, 2015 to present
If only my eye were that good!

Fortunately, water managers are precisely measuring the flow..

Historical calendar of discharge across Faka Union Canal Weir No. 1, 1990 to present.  The larger black dots indicate the times when discharge was at its peak.  The long-term goal is to reduce those events and spread the water out.

The long term goal, once the restoration is done, is to spread the water out across upstream Picayune Strand State Forest so that the point discharge at the weir will not be as much.  In that way, the weir is a picture window in the watershed-scale restoration underway upstream.


DamonD said...

It will be interesting to monitor the changes downstream from the weir once the flow is decreased, namely saltwater intrusion effects on fauna and flora.

Florida Water said...

Good point! We're not restoring the water to restore the water, it's all about getting the right dose of flood and fire for the flora and fauna to thrive.