May 8, 2018

Swamp bottoms out

This just in:

The swamp is as low as it will go.

Comparison of this year's drought (in blue)
to major wildfires of recent past

The new question is how long will it take to rebound.

On the one hand, there's the "Deep Fire" drought of 2009.  Water levels rebounded dramatically (i.e. rose 3 feet in the final half of May.  On the other side of the spectrum sits the "Jarhead Fire" of 2011 when water levels didn't start to rebound until mid June.

At this point its not a question of if, but how long and how fast.

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Michael Spagnolo said...

Any updates on the Avian Complex burning some 40,000 acres amongst three large fires in the park? Would love to see any pictures you have of the smoke plumes.