Mar 8, 2018

Shades of drought

The Big Cypress is currently drier than most of the Everglades,

Except for Water Conservation Area 2 (see chart below).

This chart shows levels of drought in the Big Cypress
compared to the neighboring Everglades.  Red arrows
indicated the current level.

To get a detailed look at current drought levels to "droughts past,"

Click the flames on the map below.

BCNP SMIDeep Lake SMIKissimmee Billy SMIL28 Gap SMIRaccoon Point SMIOasis SMILostmans SMIWCA1 SMIWCA2 SMISite63 SMISite62 SMIWCA3A SMISite64 SMISite65 SMISite71 SMINESRS SMIP33 SMI
Click on the map to see
a detailed drought history

Stay tuned:

I'm currently working to make the above map a permanent tab for the fervent drought watchers and aficionados out there.


Gohydrology said...

Let me know if you can see the map.

It took some persistence, but I finally figured out a way to make the map viewable (and "clickable") on other computers, not just my own; Or at least I think that's the case.

Gohydrology said...

Note: The map is only "clickable" on a laptop/desktop (i.e. not a smart phone), I think.