Feb 20, 2018

Back to normal?

Well, we had a wet summer.

But that was three months ago.

Simplified cross section of the swamp's major habitats,
showing current water levels relative to a month ago,
the long-term norm and a year ago today.

Water stage has dropped back to normal late February levels.

That means it's dry around the domes, but wet inside.

This time last year (green line), water stage was about a half foot lower.


Unknown said...

Hi. This comment(question) is in reference to your rainfall summary for the Coastal Broward Basin. I'm trying to find historical rainfall data for the Southwest Ranches area in Davie, FL which is west Broward near Everglades. I've expanded my parameters to Broward County since specific area rainfall data seems to be lacking on the climate data sites. The specific data that I'm looking for is the highest & lowest recorded rainfall - year and inches. According to your Water Year chart, the highest appears to be June 1993 (based on bar chart). The US climate data site history feature only goes back to 2007. Do you know where I can obtain highest and lowest recorded rainfall for Broward. I've given up on narrowing it down to Davie, FL or Southwest Ranches.

Thank you

Mercedes Diaz

Florida Water said...

Hi Mercedes - I have a data set that SFWMD maintains for 14 sub-basins of south Florida, one of which is the Broward area. I think it goes back a couple decades at least. You can reach me at robert_sobczak@nps.gov. Bob