Oct 16, 2017

The year of Irma

After a long wet season,

Waters have finally crested in the swamp.
Hydrograph of this year's
water stage (blue line) compared to
last year's (red line)
Make that a "high" crest.

Last time water was this high (up in the pines) for this long (4 months running) was 2005, i.e. the year of Wilma.

Historical calendar chart showing
where we are at now relative
to previous years

This year we'll be remembering as "The Year of Irma" even though it had a lot of help (i.e. 20 inches of June rainfall, and several other big rain events) along the way.


Larry said...

Welcome back Bob. I've been concerned about you and everyone else in South Florida, and Houston, and Puerto Rico, and California.

Jeff D said...

Same here, was wondering if you were OK.

Unknown said...

Welcome Back!