Jun 8, 2017

The (exclamation) that proved the rule

We're used to the meteorologic wet season ...

Turning on like the "flip of a switch."

Old Swamp Rule of Thumb:
All droughts end in floods

(in this case with an exclamation point!)

But filling up the swamp ...

Usually takes a month (or two or three).

Not this year.

The swamp just got two months of rain in three days.

In a word, WOW!!!

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DY Lee said...

Hi Robert,

My name is Dong Yoon, new postdoc at FIU, just started to work a month ago. Until I see your post, I thought that Florida is kind of like a swimming pool. Thanks to your post, now I know that this is unusually wet year and I feel lucky to experience something unusual. I am going to analyze a long-term nutrient cycles and will definitely look at a long-term precipitation record. Thanks for the great post!