Aug 3, 2016

Swamp-fed swamp

Hey, great news:

Look at all that sheet flow headed towards Big Cypress National Preserve.

Can you see the direction of water flow?
Looking to the Southwest

On second thought ...

Cancel the celebration (at least for now.)

Can you see the levee?
Again, looking to the Southwest

The L-28 Tieback levee, built in the 1960s, blocks upstream overland flows in Mullet Slough from re-entering the swamp preserve.  Instead, the levee deflects most of that water into the Everglades where it contributes to undesirable levels of flooding in Water Conservation Area 3A (WCA3A).

Here's a closer look at the levee.

Uppermost 2-mile "tieback"
portion of the levee,
looking due West

Hopefully we can find a way to remove the 2 miles of levee.

It would give the swamp back its own water, and also help downstream WCA3A out.

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