May 25, 2016

Rain History for South Florida

The wet season is poised ...

To get off to a quick start.

This mega-chart shows weekly (top), monthly (middle) and water year (bottom) rainfall totals for south Florida, all in inches.

And not just because of the wet winter (i.e. see January above) ...

Thus keeping the wetland water table high deep into spring.

This calendar chart, sort of resembling a Pez candy strip, reports monthly rainfall from 1980 to present.  Can you see how this past January was a record rainfall event for that month?  No other January comes close.  The chart also shows nicely how this May is trending toward the wetter side of the historical trend for the month.

But because May rains have been above average, too.

Six inches of May rainfall have been recorded across south Florida with a full week to go.  The long-term norm for May is closer to 4 inches.

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