Feb 28, 2016

Swamp's "Old Faithful"

This well is located at Forty Mile Bend,

On the downstream side of  levee-trapped Water Conservation Area 3A.

This artesian well naturally flows
to the surface. Its source is a
geologic strata just above the
briny Floridan Aquifer

Could the water be worm-holing from under the dike?

The answer is no.

It's source is from 600 feet below.

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Unknown said...

What is the temperature of that water? Water warmer than surrounding sources may be sourced deeper as is the Warm Mineral Springs near Venice. I theorize the hydraulic pressure is developed off the Appalachians watershed that plunges deep into the earth and resultantly heats that water as it rises once again to the surface. I'd like to see the strata underneath Florida mapped to show water impervious layers so we may more clearly describe all the water flows.