Jan 14, 2016

Reviews are in!

In case you didn't know ...

The National Park Service turns one hundred in 2016

Heroes of the Big Cypress is a
  campfire talk that celebrates
the National Park  Centennial 

Saturday January 16th, 7 pm
Monument Campground

Part ghost story, part Broadway musical, part magic show, part historical tour de force ...

"Heroes of the Big Cypress" is a campfire one of a kind.

Here's some reviews from previous shows' attendees:

- "Just like I remember NPS campfire talks from my youth," Merv (Toledo, Ohio)

- "Okay, what just happened?" Walter and Mildred (Grand Junction, Minnesota)

- "Better than Star Wars*," Ashton (Ft Myers, Florida)

- "Funny! Spooky ..." Walter and Mildred

* "By that I mean free admission and no lines"

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