Jan 22, 2016

Not so super (yet?)

This winter was billed a Super El Niño,

But at least for the Lake and Estuaries it's not matching previous events.

Hydrograph of freshwater discharges
into the Caloosahatchee Estuary
through the S-79 structure.  Green is good,
i.e. the desired range of flows to keep
the estuary healthy

In part that is because summer lake levels were low.

That's buffered the effect of the recent rise.

The historical calendar chart above matches
the color coding used in the hydrograph above
(i.e. green is goodblue and black dots are too high,
and red and orange points are too low)

Can you see the large discharges to the Caloosahatchee Estuary from previous Mega El Niño events, i.e. the big black dots?

That hasn't materialized yet so far this year's event.

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Florida Water said...

Quick note: I previously had the year of Francis and Jeanne mislabeled to the year before (2003). It has now been corrected to 2004. Thank you Paul!