Dec 1, 2015

Shark River Blues

Here's a comparison of Shark River Slough now ...

Compared to other years of interest.

The hydrograph above shows a comparison of the current water level in Shark River Slough in comparison to a few years of note.  Long-term statistics and the ecological framework (habitats on left and dioramas on right) are also shown.

Under current conditions, the ridge and slough system is fully flooded and tree islands are high and dry. That sounds sort of normal, but keep in mind that current slough depths are about a half foot shallower than normal for early December. Back in December of 1995 Shark River levels were over 1.5 feet higher than the current level.

The Everglades is tracking at the low end spectrum this year.

Although 2007-08 was notably lower, and the spring dive of 2008-09 was especially deep.

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