Nov 6, 2015

Center of cypress dome report

If you want to know "where the water is at" in the swamp,

You must venture into a cypress dome to see.

This hydrograph shows the rise and fall of the water in Big Cypress National Preserve over the past year and a half. The vertical scale of the swamp references water depth from the center (i.e. pond apple forest portion) of a cypress dome. The horizontal color coding shows the habitat type where the wetting front is at.  The dotted white line shows the long term average water level. 

That is still a trip that will get you wet high onto your shin and even up to your knee (and over and into your boots of course).  The telltale sign will be the water marks on the fluted trunk.  The water line has inched down a half foot from its late September peak.

Where's the wetting front?

You'll find that in the marl prairies. It's still splashy, soggy and spongy there.

As for the pines islands, they are now high and dry.

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