Oct 15, 2015

Wet (versus rainy) season

Poor drainage is a strength of the swamp,

That's what helps keep it wet even when the rains shut off.

This graph provides a comparison of south Florida's rainy and wet seasons, as defined by me. I've always preferred the use of rainy, not wet, to describe Florida's summer period.

How long will the swamp remain wet into the winter dry season?

Answer: Each season varies, but usually the domes (not affected by canals) hold water through February, even into March.  Not only is that attenuation of water a result of the swamp holding on to its summer rain, but also an artifact of slower rates of evapotranspiration (ET) in the core winter months (December through February.) The swamp becomes weak when it is over drained, most usually by water-blocking levees and diversionary canals.   

In summary: Despite the start of the dry season wetness of the rainy season lingers on.

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