Oct 2, 2015

Sneaky water cycle

Here's a monthly chart of rainfall in The Big Cypress,

Over the past two years.

This rain chart shows monthly rain
for Big Cypress National Preserve
from Summer 2013 to present.

Can you see the wet and dry season cycle? 

September was our rainiest month since July 2013,

And has water cresting, after a drier than normal summer, at levels we typically see in early fall.

Next up is October:

It's our last month of the rainy half of the year even if it averaged only half the rain of the core June through September wet season months.  But you can't rule it out either.  October has produced a full wet season month worth of rain in recent year's past.  We also have a Super El NiƱo in the forecast which could make for a rainier-than-normal winter, too.  On the other hand we have drier air moving in this weekend.  That could spell an end to the regular build up of afternoon storms.

In summary, hold tight -- the water cycle never ends.

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