Sep 21, 2015

Make hydrology not war

Many year's ago a now retired water manager lamented to me ...

That we needed a War Room for the Everglades.

The four-paneled chart above shows a map discharges, stage level, a cross sectional diagram and downstream estuary balance for Lake Okeechobee.

By that, he meant a single place where charts and images updated to the latest conditions could be posted on the wall to understand and review.  Over the past few years, to varying degrees of success, I have grappled with trying to make his idea come true. Hydrologic numbers only come to life when they are painted with the ecological, operational and statistical backdrop that they occur.  And even then it can takes multiple charts and diagrams for a single spot (i.e. Lake Okeechobee.)

In my experience, understanding is the antidote to confusion.

A better name would be the Hydrology Room instead!

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