May 21, 2015

Cool shade of fire tree

Needle-shedding cypress trees signal the winter dry season.

But does the start of the summer wet season have a similar botanical clue?

Royal Poincianas  bloom  in May

Turns out that there is, only you usually find it in town.

The Royal Poinciana tree unleashes a fiery display of flowers each year about mid May. Streets literally light up in their presence. But it’s a strange red luminescence in that it does not bring warmth, rather shade … a very deep and luxurious shade. All thanks to its copious canopy of outstretching branches and fern-like leaves.

And they shed in June with the start
of the summer rains

Rain drops and wind from the start of the rainy season soon to follow send these flame-like flowers to the ground one by one, or in clusters, on the blacktop and inevitably in puddles where when you see them you half expect to hear them sizzle:

Red hot flowers on rain cooled asphalt.

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