Feb 26, 2015

You Are Here (Hydrologically Speaking)

As much as I love the maps on park brochures,

I find myself missing the one thing they lack.

The map and hydrograph above provide a view of Shark River Slough, the top from the Pa-hay-okee boardwalk of Flamingo Road and the bottom from the P-33 monitoring station maintained by the Park.  It's a sea of freshwater from the viewing deck, but where is the water?  The hydrograph shows that water depth in the sloughs are still over a foot deep, or about normal for this time of year.  That's an achievement considering summer water levels were lower than normal.  Can you see how the spring droughts of 2009 and 2001 were particularly low?  They were active wildfire seasons, too.

You guessed it!

Real-time eco-hydrological presentations of data displaying exactly where the water is at now and where it's been for the past seven years relative to major ecological thresholds and seasonal statistical probabilities. I know where am but where is the water? Discerning hydrologic minds would like to know.

Then again, sometimes maps and graphs be darned ...

I just like to go out and get my feet wet.

Hydrographs and boardwalks have a way of keeping you away from that.

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