Feb 20, 2015

Winter weather takes toll on Naples, FLA

It's official:

Last night was our coldest night of the year.

The calendar chart above shows the history of "cold nights" for the weather station at Naples Airport.  Red dots indicated the coldest of Naples's cold nights -- when temperatures dropped below 32° F.  Last night didn't register that low.  It only fell down to blue dot territory (i.e. under 40° F).  We've had 30 such nights since 2008.

But not freezing at Naples Airport.

Last time we recorded a sub 32° temperature there was January 11th, 2009 (as indicated by the bottom-most red dot on the graph above).  That was the year that the the Tamiami Trail iced over (see photograph below).  Last night was cold but not that extreme but it did have residents scurrying to cover their flowering plants and vegetables.

More slush than ice
Tamiami Canal near Wooten's

January 11, 2009
Last night also marked the 30th time since 2008 that nighttime low temperatures at Naples Airport dropped into the 30s.  That's a months-worth of some pretty frigid nights.  And enough to make me wish I was back up in Minnesota.

At least there they have proper heating systems.

Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating - Minnesota winters are probably colder.


Tabor said...

Toured the Naples Botanic Garden yesterday and almost blew away. They were scurrying to wrap vines and protect orchids! Have not worn any shorts the whole week here!

Gohydrology said...

Yes, it was our coldest week of the year (and day, too). Great to know you were at the garden -- lots to see. I like Naples Zoo too which used to be an arboretum.