Feb 24, 2015

Wall of pepper (on the retreat)

What used to be pinelands is being converted to seasonally-flooded marl marsh (foreground).  What used to be pineland-cleared and rock-plowed agricultural land in the middle of Everglades National Park is in the multi-year process of being scrapped down 6 inches and converted to seasonally-flooded marl prairie.  The fallow fields had become so infested with Brazilian Pepper the getting rid of the rock till (and seed bank) was the best way to go.  It's astounding to see and by far my favorite part of the park.  (I have a weak spot for wetland restoration.)  

Can you see the wall pepper on the retreat (background)?


Unknown said...

I just wanted to let you know I love this blog. I read it daily. I am also a local scientist working for a local regulatory entity. You convey great scientific information on the local level.


Gohydrology said...

Thank you, Drew! It's been fun to share info (graphs, photos, videos) what would otherwise just collect the proverbial digital dust on my computer. Good to know it's reaching the right people and has some use, too. Thanks again!