Dec 24, 2014

Perfect present isn't on anyone's list

Snow is perhaps the most polarizing of holiday topics,

(And not because I used it in the sentence above as a pun.)

Santa is bringing south Florida a front:
That will bring us rain on Christmas
and cooler air after that.

South Floridians can be reliably split in two camps on the topic.

One camp find themselves yearning for the sight of seasonal snow whisping through air and billowing up on the ground. They are usually the continental transplants that haven't taken fully taken to south Florida's climate and - as a result - nostalgically yearn for the comfort of those downy flakes. The second camp find themselves elated to have left the cold air (snow included) behind. Wearing shorts and a T-Shirt on Christmas day suits them fine.

But rain on Christmas?

I think it's fair to say all camps frown at the possibility of that.

Unless your a hydrologist!

It's now been over a month since south Florida has had a good soaking. Thank you Santa for bringing the perfect present even if it wasn't on any of our lists!

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