Oct 1, 2014

Reverse meteorology

Turns out big rains aren't the only thing that make a wet season.

Just as important is avoiding "below average" months.

The table above provides a monthly overview of rainfall
in each of south Florida's major basins over the past year

Case in point is this wet season:

We've only mustered 1 Big Rain Day (BRD), i.e. a day in which 1 inch or greater on average fell across all of south Florida this summer. But we also avoided having any months that were unusually dry. Or in other words, the four core months of the wet season (June, July, August and September) did their job.  That gave us four solid blue months in a row across most basins.

Way to go clouds!


Tom Warhawk '74 said...

I just KNEW the clouds wouldn't let us down. Well, at least, I HOPED they wouldn't.

Tom Warhawk '74 said...

Do you have a table that shows the monthly averages for each basin?

Gohydrology said...

Hi Tom, Yes I can easily make one - that would be a good follow up post. Thanks for the idea, Bob

Gohydrology said...

Special thanks to the District for making this basin-wide rainfall data available!