Jun 6, 2014

Pri¢e of paradi$e

Ever get a ticket at the beach?

That can put a damper on the sun and fun.

quarter is good for 20 minutes
last time I checked
Two years in a row I forgot to renew my beach sticker.  It didn't occur to me until -- smack -- there I saw it under my windshield wiper.  Each time that cost me a $35 fine and each time I was positive they -- not I -- had made a mistake.  But then I looked at my sticker and sure enough it had just expired within days. I had an option to contest it and appear in court but also, when I read the small print, I saw that the fine escalated up in price for every two weeks I delayed.

For the sake of convenience I mailed in my payment the next day.

Then there was the time I parked the wrong way.

That one hurt because I had given up a front row spot for my wife.  Pulling out of the front spot and letting her go in, I switched spots with her but also pulled the opposite direction in.  This time when I saw the ticket I again thought for certain, even more so, that it was a mistake, only to discover that the parking gods were right again.

Beach parking is seasonally crowded
and variable depending on the time of day
But all in all I don't mind: The sun and the surf and the swim (and even the walk) are mostly free.

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