Jun 17, 2014

Bouncing water spheres

Lake Okeechobee may look vast like a sea,

But it's actually shallower (and volumetrically smaller) than you'd think.

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When full, its 5 million acre feet of water could be formed into a sphere with a diameter of only 1.4 miles (and require only 6.3 square miles of cloth.) Florida’s next biggest lake – Lake George at 460,000 acre feet – would only have a 0.6 mile diameter if similarly spherically wrapped, and require 1.3 square miles of cloth.

That's a mathematical fact if also not practical.


Tom Warhawk '74 said...

How could knowledge of the surface area of a spherical Lake Okeechobee NOT be practical??

Gohydrology said...

I agree. What would make this calculation even more useful would be to similarly convert annual volumes discharging through the structures (i.e. S-79, S-65E) also into spheres.