May 10, 2014

Most memorable storm?

Which storm do you remember most?

For me its Hurricane Agnes (1972)

Flooding from Agnes in Ellicott City
near Baltimore, Maryland

I was only four years old,

And rest assured safe and sound we weathered the storm.

But I still remember a moment of taking refuge in the basement listening to the pelting rain and weltering wind in the dark of the stair well. Just a fleck of a moment really but that's the one I remember most.


David Heywood-Jones said...

Hurricane Donna really did a number on Naples. Fortunately, my Mom and Dad packed us all into our Dodge pickup and off we went to relatives in Waycross, GA. When we returned 2 days later, the house was still standing with little damage. Dad had put up what we now know as "storm shutters" which kept the storm out of the house. I'll never forget that storm. Oh, and the old house is still standing today!

Gohydrology said...

That's interesting David that you have first hand memories of Donna. Not many in Naples can claim that. I've always been intrigued: Was Donna really to blame for Collier County's seat moving from Everglades City to Naples (as a result of the damage from the storm surge) -- I've always read that in the history books -- or was that shift already in the process and inevitable to occur?

Any historians out there please chime in.

David Heywood-Jones said...

I think that Donna started the rather quick exodus of Everglades City by Collier County government. If I remember it correctly, the Collier Company moved its headquarters from EG City in September or October of 1961.

Gohydrology said...

That explains it. As Collier Company goes, so goes the county ... especially in those days. Thanks for the historical insight, David!