May 15, 2014

Darkest hour is just before dawn

Not for long (like Spring 2011),

But this dry season has in its final moments has gotten very low.

This dry season refugia pool doesn't go dry often:
This May it has.  Well, almost.

Usually the dry season refugia pool above (top half of photo) stays wet all year round. Not so this May (bottom half).

It's gone almost totally dry.

What is normally a 4-5 foot deep pool during the summer has been reduced to a single tiny puddle.  Of course that puddle is also the deepest spot of the pool during the summer and fall when it floods.  (Not that I'd ever try to verify that during that time of year).

No gators but I did see a gator track leading to the pool.

This puddle was full of minnows:
They'll need an infusion
of rain water quick.

Very dry yes, but not for long:

The summer rainy season appears to have begun.


Tabor said...

Such a difference and such a struggle for all the wildlife.

Gohydrology said...

No signs of gators -- usually this is one of their spring dry down watering holes. I suspect they have hunkered down in the nearby canal which is deeper.

Gohydrology said...

This chart shows a nice comparison of the long dry down of 2011 to this year's deep but short one: Hydroperiod bar chart