Apr 8, 2014

The S-12A just got shorter

What's the surest sign you've left the Big Cypress ...

And are entering the Everglades?

Suddenly the S-12A doesn't look so big

It used to be the water management structures:

Specifically for me it was the always the S-12A. It was much bigger than any water plumbing infrastructure in the swamp. And more complex, too. A multi-agency accord determines when and how much water can be passed through.

Well, move over Everglades:

The new pump stations in Picayune Strand dwarf the S-12s.

This pump station is one of three:
The other two are on Miller
and Faka-Union Canals.

And this is the smallest of the three pumps, located on Merritt Canal (800 cfs capacity).

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