Mar 9, 2014

Just another day at the beach

Here's the entrance to John U. Loyd State Park,

Where I took the photo of the interesting trash.

The park is a peninsula
which is connected to the Florida
mainland to the south.

The state park is located on thin spit of sand:

On the right (east) is the beach and on the left (west) is a deep-water port which featured colossal cranes, huge container ships, and even a luxury cruise boat.  By the way, ports across Florida -- including Miami -- are in the processing of deepening their channels to 50 ft in order in preparation for widening and deepening of the Panama Canal.

View on right - Atlantic Ocean

View on left - deep water port

At the northern tips is an oceanographic institute.

Here's a view from the third floor.

Can you see the luxury cruise boat?
Destination Bahamas
Lots to see in and around John U. Loyd State Park

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