Sep 18, 2013

Rating drought using maize scale

The swamp seasonally ranges from "very wet" to "very dry."

We are currently "very wet."

The maize scale was developed
over time after years of research

Or in other words, only the very highest ground in the center of the soup bowl, i.e. the pine islands and hammocks, is above the water line.  That's normal for mid September. Fast forward a half year from now (i.e. April) and we can in all likelihood expect saturation conditions on our maize scale to drop down into the tray of salty tortilla (with a rapidly vanishing dish of salsa) mode or -- if spring rains fail to materialize -- even desiccate the swamp to the point that it's dry as popcorn.  That's when the wildfire threat (lightning strikes and arson) are highest because all the natural fire breaks are dry.

Any lightning that strikes now is quickly extinguished by the soggy swamp.

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