Aug 26, 2013

Summer still has another third to go!

Doesn't Labor Day mean that fall is near?

Actually, in south Florida its our indication that the summer still has another third to go.

This rain chart shows summer rain totals in Big Cypress Nat'l Preserve from 1998 to present broken into three intervals: Memorial Day to July Fourth, July Fourth to Labor Day, and Labor Day to November 1st.  During a normal year, all three thirds add up to about 42 inches of rain.  Labor Day is only a week away, but south Florida's long summer still has another third of the way to go.

The first third lasted from Memorial Day to July 4th. The second third (which technically we're still in) runs from July 4th to Labor Day. The final third runs through all of September and October until November 1st. Famously, the final stretch also features our fabled tropical storms. Thus, not only is summer not over, come Labor Day the most furious third of Florida's summer is just getting started (knock on wood, knock on wood).

In summary: Sorry south Florida, come Labor Day summer will only be two thirds of the way through and have another 10-15 inches of rain to go.

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