May 21, 2013

Tornadoes are scariest storms

There's this oft posed quandary about what is worse:

"Would you rather live in tornado or hurricane country?"

Comparison of hurricane and tornado seasons

But judging from the horrific news of recent years, I don't think there is a comparison to be made. Tornadoes strike with little warning and leave you little safe haven to hide. Not to mention they strike every year, too.

Florida hasn't had a hurricane make landfall since 2005.

But what really sticks out in my mind is this:

Hurricanes weaken over land compared to tornadoes which top out at full strength over the flat expanse of the Great Plains.

Tidal surge not withstanding, I'd take hurricane country every time.


walk2write said...

I agree with you, especially since I've lived where horrific tornadoes have touched down. Hurricane Ivan was no picnic, but at least we had time to evacuate and move out of harm's way.

pguzek said...

I would rather have the notice of a hurricane than the uncertainty of the tornados. Used to live in Northern Illinois and worried about them there though that area is not in tornado alley.