May 16, 2013

How April fell short

April was very rainy by spring standards,

But it fell way short of being a Big Rain Month (BRM).

Big Rain Months
of South Florida,
2005 - present

What is a BRM?

It's any month when an average of 9 or more inches of rain fell across the entire south Florida peninsula. That doesn't happen much, but when it does it all but ensures that even the highest ground gets shallowly submerged. By my calculations we've only had 4 BRMs over the past eight years, all of which fell during the summer half of the year. Isaac gave us our last one (Aug 2012) and October 2011 before that.

June 2005 stands out as the biggest BRM of them all.

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walk2write said...

Do you have a colleague in this part of Florida keeping track of and blogging about our rainfall stats? It would be interesting to see some rainfall graphs for the past seven or eight years here.