Apr 24, 2013

How the dry season was won

Here's a look at this dry season's rain total ...

Relative to past year and historical norms.

This bar chart shows dry season rain totals for Big Cypress Nat'l Preserve from 1970 to present.  The lowest dry season rain tally was Nov 1st 2008 to Apr 30th 2009, during which less than 3 inches fell.  The highest was Nov 1st 1997 to Apr 30th 1998 when over 22 inches fell.  The average is closer to 12 inches.  That makes this year in then normal range but still a bit low.  For consistency, I calculated dry seasons from the start of November through the end of April even though the dry season includes the latter half of October and the first part of May.

See what I mean about April saving the day?

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