Mar 21, 2013

Maiden walk across bridge

Attendees walking the length
of the one mile bridge 

Attendees stopping to enjoy the view

Attendees stopping to hear
the next steps from the experts

Arriving at the tent
where the ceremony was held

View from the tent
into Everglades Nat'l Park

Read article in Miami Herald here


Tabor said...

Will this be open to pedestrians after it is open to motor traffic?

walk2write said...

How exciting to witness such an event! I hope that more people will walk or bike rather than drive across the bridge. I noticed in the Herald article that Mr. Salazar drove rather than walked across after the ceremonial ribbon cutting.

Gohydrology said...

Good questions: There isn't a bike lane per se, but the shoulder did appear to be wider than normal. Secretary Salazar was honored with the ceremonial "first drive" over the new bridge -- but it won't be open to regular traffic for another few weeks. Attendees were given the opportunity of walking to the tent across the entire one-mile length of the bridge. It was a good day.