Feb 5, 2013

Flow of traffic (and water) on Trail

Sheet flow has long since gone ...

But even so, there's still water trickling under the Trail.

Water flow under the trail is bottoming out,
just as traffic on top is at its tourist peak
According to the USGS scientists, total discharge across the Tamiami Trail from Carnestown to Forty Mile Bend -- that's a 35 mile reach -- is about 15 cubic feet per second. In engineering speak, that's 30 acre feet per day. In ecological lingo, that means only the deepest crossings, i.e. strands, are still moving water south (and even those just barely).  One of them for sure is Barnes Strand, not too far from Turner River ...

Plus a handful of bridges east of Oasis towards the 'Glades.

As for travel times moving east-west:

They remain fast, around 60 mph.

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