Jan 6, 2013

Florida's original theme park

It was great to finally make it to Florida's original theme park.

The best part was the price -- free!

Here's a view of the historic gazebo
at Cypress Gardens

Here's a view from the gazebo
looking down to  Lake Eloise

Entrance sign to
Cypress Gardens
Well, sort of ...

Cypress Garden predates Disney World (and all the other Orlando area parks) but is now part of a larger theme park, the latter of which we did have to pay to get into.  And well worth the price I may add, too.  Retaining the garden added a welcome historic and natural element that weaved through and complemented the rest of the park.

Can you guess the park's new name?

Hint: See bottom photo.  (Answer at 2 pm)

1 comment:

David Heywood-Jones said...

I think that would be Legoland. Hmm, only in Florida.