Jan 13, 2013

California orange giveaway?

Organic California Navel oranges at 30 cents a piece is a good deal, right?

Not in south Florida, where they are more likely to elicit a yawn.

Honeybells on display

You see, January is Honeybell season in Florida.

They cost five times as much, but -- and here's the catch -- they are probably three times heavier than similarly sized California fruit.  And a lot sweeter, too:

All the more so because the season is so short.

Why is it the best things never last?


Tabor said...

I feel the same way about the Clementines from Spain. Large carbon footprint, but only those from Majorca are worth buying.

walk2write said...

Dang! I wish we could grow those honeys here. The ones you buy in the store just aren't the same.

Good books, by the way, last a long time, and they're one of the best things in life.

Gohydrology said...

I've never been a clementine fan -- maybe I had one of the bad batches you spoke about. And yes, that was an especially good batch of honeybells they got in. They are delightfully sweet.