Nov 20, 2012

Wednesday Thanksgiving?

Remember that year Thanksgiving fell on a Wednesday?

Wasn't that the same year it snowed in Naples, too?

Thanksgiving forecast for Naples Florida
calls for a high of 70
° and low of 56°

Joking aside, something very notable is forecast to occur this Thanksgiving Day. For the first time in modern-day history for Naples, Florida (i.e. 1970 to present), daytime temperatures are predicted to not rise higher than 70°F.

You know its a winter day in Florida
when the daytime high doesn't break 70°F.

Last year was a mild winter: we only had 8 such days all year.  The year before we had 30 and the year before that 50.  So far this year we've had 2, (and good timing on the second!).

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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