Nov 28, 2012

Meteorologic feast and famine

Meteorology in south Florida is a study of extremes:

If it isn't raining (often hard), the sun is shining (brightly).

South Florida's water cycle
is driven by meteorological extremes

You can see that duality in the calendar chart below.

It shows reports occurrence of those daily meteorologic extremes for the entire south peninsula from 1992 to present.

Big ET Days are the winter norm,
but aperiodic Big Rain Days are essential
to batting back deep dips into spring drought

Can you see our current position?

After a pretty good summer rainy season, we've now had a pretty good uninterrupted run of clear blue skies. Winter rains don't usually raise the water table (much) as they slow down the incessant "tick tock tick tock" toward spring drought.

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