Nov 5, 2012

Glades water gets new rules

"The operation schedule is dead ...

Long live the operation schedule."
The hydrograph above attempts to provide a hydrologic overview of Water Conservation Area 3A.  From top to bottom, it shows (1) basin-wide rainfall, (2) regulatory water depth and stage, (3) a water depth comparison across different parts of the Everglades and (4) discharges through the S12s and S11s.  Can you see in the third graph from the top how waters in WCA3A are consistently deeper than the other parts of the Glades? The IOP is represented by the dotted gray-scale lines on the regulatory water depth and stage graph.  In the weeks ahead I will have to change those lines to match the ERTP.   

There's a changing of the guard ...

On how water is managed in the Everglades's Water Conservation Area (WCA) 3A.  The Interim Operation Plan (IOP) will be replaced the Everglades Restoration Transition Plan (ERTP).  Among the beneficiaries will be tree islands, and snail kites, managing water for multiple species, and increased flows to the south into Everglades National Park.  You can read more at the USACE's Jacksonville District website by clicking here.

As for the downside?

On a minor note, I will have to redo the regulation schedule on this graph.

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pguzek said...

Glad to hear that Everglades will get more water!