Nov 14, 2012

Dry season starts off dry (... Shock!)

This dry season has started off slow ...

Or rather I mean fast -- water levels are dropping fast.

This bar chart shows the weekly rainfall distribution, i.e. each bar represents one-week's-worth of rain, for the  past four dry seasons (from Fall 2008 to present).  The dry season of 2010-2011 was a douzy: a combination of a dry October to end the preceding wet season, La Niña desiccated fronts and a heart-wrenching delay in the start up of the summer showers allowed the lightning-strike caused Jarhead Fire to deeply scorch a vast area in the interior of Big Cypress National Preserve. 

Because, since the start of November, we've yet to see any rain.

Of course its the end of the dry season (not the start) that matters most.

It's not until the spring that wildfire season begins.

That's when timely rains matter the most.

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