Aug 14, 2012

Mid summer low?

The weekend was very rainy along the Naples Coast,

Thus I was surprised to see that a few ten miles into the interior that water levels in Big Cypress Nat'l Preserve have sunk to a new historic low, i.e. based on the 25-year statistics, for the month of August.

Overview Hydrograph for Big Cypress Nat'l Preserve
The wetting front is retreating down into the tall cypress.
Usually this time of year the hydric pines are wet.

August is usually the month that swamp levels are poised at the plateau just below peak water conditions, i.e. flooding up in the hydric pines. So far this summer we are even having trouble keeping the marl prairies wet.  I'm not sure what to blame: Have the regular afternoon showers faltered ...

Or is it the absence of a really big rain event?

I wouldn't rule out a Big Rain Day yet.

That could change the outlook in a day.

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