Aug 29, 2012

First BRD of wet season!

We finally got our first Big Rain Day of the wet season ...

And it was a big one: 3.9 inches.

By definition, a Big Rain Day is any day in which 1 inch (or more) of rain falls as a "regional average" across all of the South Florida Water Management District.  Of course that rain rarely falls evenly everywhere.  The most surprising thing about the rain from Isaac is that the heaviest portion of it occurred over the swath of south Florida -- the East Coast -- that was farthest from the storm's eye.  That area also recorded the most power outages, too.

It just goes to show how hard storms are to precisely predict.

Of course, Isaac's story isn't about Florida but where it went to next.

Rains in New Orleans are charting on the Epic Rain Day scale.

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Janie said...

Meteorologists do seem to have a difficult time predicting the effects of a hurricane.
Glad you didn't have too much trouble. Poor Louisiana has had a lot of flooding.